Here you can look through, download and play some of the personal game projects I make. All of these games I spend my own time and effort making and would appreciate it if they weren’t redistributed without prior permission. You can however link people to here if you’d like. Enjoy and don’t be afraid to leave feedback on the games.

Explorer & Tower Defence

These were the first full games I’ve made using GameMaker (or any engine for that matter) and I feel they turned out fairly good for my first games. Explorer was entered into my high school’s games development competition and won second place in its category. Tower defence took considerably longer to create than Explorer did mainly because I decided to add two levels that required AI path finding (and my brother kept breaking it). The games aren’t 100% perfect in my opinion but still fun to play at times.

Explorer [Download]
Tower Defence [Download]

Zombie Remake

This was originally a remake of a game someone at my high school made called Zombies using GameMaker 8. In the end I got very carried away with the game development and ended up turning it into something way more awesome and fun than originally planned. I was going to add a single player mode to the game at one point but life got in the way and I moved on from the GameMaker engine and lost interest in developing it any further. I still play it occasionally to see if I can ever beat my high score of 2910 points but to no avail.


Crypt Decent

This was a text based dungeon crawler made as part of an assignment for my Diploma in Interactive Digital Media (Games). It features an infinite amount of generated levels and a basic introductory story. There is even a save/load system that allows for any number of games.


Melon Mania

Four developers and I developed this game as part of a challenge in which we were given 24 hours to make a fully playable game using the Unity 3D engine. The challenge also required us to make the game revolve around 3 key words: Melon, Tribe and Outlaw. Being the only programmer on the team it was quite a grind but running on nothing but 2 coffees for 24 hours wasn’t so bad. In the end I’m very pleased with the result though if I were to revisit the game I’d add 3D models.