Here you can look through some of the projects I’ve worked on over the years including from when I still had no idea how to write a single line of code. Although mostly playable, the older GameMaker games have a tendency to crash on newer operating systems.

Boom Ball (2010)

This was my first finished project created within GameMaker after getting into using the engine earlier in the year. Although created with only drag and drop tools, it was my first major stepping stone to learning programming.


Explorer (2010)

For my second GameMaker endeavour I went for something a little more ambitious with the intention of entering it into my high school’s games development competition. Still using only drag and drop, I created a 10 level platformer complete with the ability to save and load progress. I ended up placing 2nd place for my efforts.


Turret Defence (2011)

Flash turret defence based games were all the rage at my school at the time so I took it upon myself to make one of my own. I’m very happy with how this game turned out especially after dabbling a little in GML code for A* path finding.


Zombies Remake (2011)

This started as a remake of an existing game that another student had made however it soon turned into a much bigger project as my enthusiasm to work on it increased. I believe I spent the rest of the year working on this game alone and handing out copies to friends to play test.


Crypt Decent

This was a text based dungeon crawler made as part of an assignment for my Diploma in Interactive Digital Media (Games). It features an infinite amount of generated levels and a basic introductory story. There is even a save/load system that allows for any number of games.


Melon Mania

Four developers and I developed this game as part of a challenge in which we were given 24 hours to make a fully playable game using the Unity 3D engine. The challenge also required us to make the game revolve around 3 key words: Melon, Tribe and Outlaw. Being the only programmer on the team it was quite a grind but running on nothing but 2 coffees for 24 hours wasn’t so bad. In the end I’m very pleased with the result though if I were to revisit the game I’d add 3D models.



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